Artists Commitment

At Allport Editions, we are proud to produce products that highlight the unique designs of independent artists across the country. We enjoy working with new and upcoming artists and like to build lasting relationships. We encourage you to submit work at any time; you might just be the new artist we’re looking for!

For 2014/2015 we are ONLY looking for:
  • REGIONAL: city- and state-specific art with clearly recognizable landmarks, etc. Please see our website at for examples.
  • ART & LIT: Humor designs with art and literary themes. Please see our website at for examples.
  • Submission Tips:
    • MAKE SURE YOU'RE SUBMITTING RELEVANT MATERIAL: We do not publish photography, abstract, figurative, or religious artwork. We also do not generally use surface designs, stock images, or digital illustration. We are only looking for hand-rendered artwork for subjects listed above.
    • EMAIL US: We welcome submissions via email at Please provide a link to your online portfolio or embed a few images in your email copy. Please included submission specifics in your subject line (for example: "Artist Submission: Art depicting New York City") as well as direct links to those specific images.
    • FOR LARGER OR DIVERSE SUBMISSIONS, MAIL US: Send color copies to 716 NE Lawrence Ave, Portland, OR 97232. Materials will only be returned if you provide a SASE. Do not submit original artwork.
    • BE PATIENT: We review art a few times per year, please allow at least 12-16 weeks for response.

    Please review our full Artist Guidelines (PDF 63K) here.

    Thank you for your interest in Allport Editions!