Misko Misko
Growing up on a farm in Petersburg, Michigan, folk artist Misko developed an insight into animal attitudes that shines through in her warm, playful gouache paintings of cows, puffins, penguins, and more. Misko got her start selling her artwork at her local farmers market and went on to help found the renowned Ann Arbor Art Fair. Such self-determination and support of other artists makes her a kindred spirit with Allport Editions.

Misko went on to live in Cape Cod and later scenic Belfast, Maine, where she observed sea creatures and incorporated them into her cast of characters. Her signature Moose makes an appearance in garlands, holiday lights, and other festive garb in the Allport Editions Holiday Card Collection.

Misko retired in 2013, well into her 90's, though she remains one of our most beloved and best-selling artists.
Loon with Babies

Best Seller!

Loon with Babies

by Misko