Writing Christmas Cards

10 Tips to Make Your Christmas Cards Amazing

Express yourself sincerely & succinctly!

Top tips from Allport customers & staff

🎄1. Get a Head Start (if you can!)

Customer Trudy likes to choose her holiday cards by Labor Day – that way she can work on a few a week and have them all done by Thanksgiving when her family really gets busy. (Pro Tip: Allport's newest Holiday designs are available to ship as early as mid-August each year!)

🎄2. Address Your Envelopes (now!)

Todd addresses and stamps all of his envelopes first, before writing any cards. This easy task can be accomplished in an hour or two (with a Christmas movie on in the background?) and goes a long way toward making you feel like your cards are nearly complete!

🎄3. Embrace Rituals

Get in the mood to write your Holiday Cards – light candles, brew up some tea, don a face mask or have a glass of wine – loosen up and let the good cheer flow!

🎄4. Host a Card Writing Party

Invite some friends over and write your cards together! Make some festive beverages and put holiday music on in the background and enjoy the time.

🎄5. Make It Personal

The outside of the envelope might be for proper names: The Smith Family or Mr. & Mrs. Jones. Use the inside of the card for a more personal greeting, start your message with fun nicknames or terms of endearment.

🎄6. Make It Memorable

A quick, kind note will make your card more special. Mackenzie likes to think of her holiday messages as gratefulness for the past year AND hopefulness for the one coming. Try:

  • Thanking someone for something nice they did for you during the year
  • Mentioning time that you spent together

🎄7. Look To The Future

Sign off by looking ahead. Mention upcoming events you look forward to or simply your best wishes for the new year. (Pro Tip: This can be particularly helpful to extend your timeline for mailing another week!)

Dear Witch of the West and Captain Mac, Thank you so much for having us to dinner at the end of the summer! The food was amazing and the company even better. We are looking forward to spending time at the cabin with you this spring. Wishing you a peaceful start to 2024! Our love - The Jeans Family

🎄8. Decorate Your Envelopes

It’s such a good feeling to get a sparkly envelope in the mail! Customer Rachel likes to add washi tape, glitter, or stickers to her envelopes and always uses color pens inside and out. (Don't worry, we've got you covered!) (link)

🎄9. Return Addresses net returns!

Don’t forget to include your return address on your envelopes. Family often want to thank you for the card or even mail you one in return!

🎄10. Display your received cards in an unusual way

Robin enjoys hanging her cards on the blinds covering her windows – just like Martha Stewart!


Did you enjoy these tips?

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