Collection: Elizabeth VanDuine


Elizabeth VanDuine is a self -taught paper-cut artist from the Seattle, Washington area. Each of her designs starts with a black piece of paper and a loose pencil sketch. Using an x-acto knife she then cuts out piece by piece to reveal an image, sometimes attaching colored paper on the back of the paper-cut to complete the design.

Elizabeth grew up in rural areas of Pennsylvania and Montana where nature was never more than a few steps away. Her affinity for all living things manifests in every piece of art she creates: “Nature’s complexity, beauty, and ability to elicit emotion inform and inspire me every day.”

Elizabeth lives and works on a small island 30 minutes from Seattle by ferry where she is still immersed in a nature-filled world. When not working in her studio she enjoys spending time with her two daughters, husband, and giant shepherd named Moxie.