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LePen Collection

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Description: Our most popular pens! The LePen has a smooth writing micro-fine plastic point and a sleek barrel design. The ink is acid free and non-toxic. Available in carefully selected color combinations, each collection contains six coordinating pens:
JEWEL TONES: Burgundy, Olive, Green, Teal, Oriental Blue, & Amethyst.
NEON: Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow, Violet, & Pink.
PASTEL: Coral Pink, Pastel Peach, Pastel Yellow, Peppermint, Pale Blue, & Wisteria.
NEW! SPRING COLLECTION: Pink, Orange, Light Green, Light Blue, Blue, & Lavender
NEW! UTILITY COLLECTION: (not pictured) 2 each of Black, Dark Grey, & Red

Dimensions: 0.25" dia x 5.25" length each - all 6 tied together with ribbon

Qty. Type Price
LePen PASTEL Collection $12.00
LePen JEWEL Collection $12.00
LePen NEON Collection $12.00
LePen SPRING Collection $12.00
LePen UTILITY Collection $12.00

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