Big Girls Do Cry Card


Inside Greeting: (blank)

Description: Made by Second Story Cards - where every card has a special meaning. Behind each one is a story of someone trying to get back on their feet, trying to create a new story.

“We all cry sometimes,” says Sasha Williams, who came up with this card. “We may not shed tears because we want to try to appear strong for our kids, spouses, parents, co-workers - even in front of the barista at Starbucks. But, when those tears dry, you better watch out because ain’t nothing going to keep me down. I’ve overcome sexual assault, homelessness, failed relationships, losing the sight in my right eye, raising two beautiful girls on my own and through every challenge I’ve been dealt, I’ve gained the wisdom, courage and strength I need to face the next one. Bring it on!”

Dimensions: 4.25 x 5.5 inches

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Single Card $5.45

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