Felted "Fairy" Pumpkins


Description: We’re "fairy" certain you’ll think this enchanted, fuzzy felt pumpkin is as "gourd"-eous as we do! Its eye-catching, hand-felted orange is sure to call attention. Pair Fairy Pumpkins and Autumn Leaf Garland! Handmade felt decorative pieces are created and assembled by skilled artisans working in a fair-trade production center in Kathmandu, Nepal. Artisans use 100% natural wool and non-toxic, azo-free dyes. Waste dye water is drained into a neighboring garden for growing food. Wool scraps are recycled into new products.

Dimensions: Small: about 3.5" diameter x 4" tall, Large: about 5.5" diameter x 6" tall

Qty. Type Price
Single Small Pumpkin $12.95
Single Large Pumpkin $22.95
Set of 2 - Small & Large $34.00

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