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By Unemployed Philosophers Guild
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Frida Kahlo Magnetic Personality Finger Puppet

Frida Kahlo Magnetic Personality Finger Puppet

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Artist Frida Kahlo was best known for her striking self-portraits, so we'd like to think she'd be amused by this finger puppet version of herself. Frida is dressed in festive Mexican garb, including lace cuffs, red scarf, and floral hair arrangement -- all in a 4-inch puppet! Act out scenes of her in her studio or of her tempestuous romance with Diego Rivera (not included, but available on our website)! The bun of her hair also has a secret magnet, so you can stick Frida and Diego together and be comforted by the fact that, after all these years, they're still attracted to each other.

A Magnetic Personality is a puppet on your finger and a magnet on your fridge or locker.

Each design is a detailed, original plush portrait with a mini bio tag of essential dates, key facts, and a quotable quote.

Every Magnetic Personality captures a remarkable individual – because they’re characters with real character!

TEAM PICK: Earl, one half of our shipping department, LOVES these quirky finger puppets featuring beloved pop culture personalities. They make great gifts and charming decorations for a Frida Kahlo lover!

Size: Approx. 4” / 10 cm tall

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