In PDX? Come by the Warehouse Shop!

Allport Editions is a greeting card publisher located in Portland, Oregon. From our working warehouse, we develop, package, and ship over one million cards per year to stores in every state in the country and all over the world!

Our warehouse shop contains more than 1,000 of our best-selling cards, gift wrap, buttons, journals and gifts from over 60 other companies—many of whom produce locally or sustainably, just like us!

Come and visit us at 716 NE Lawrence Avenue and see us in action. And we mean “action!” All around the warehouse shop’s small corner of the warehouse, products are being prepared for shipment, freight is coming and going, and we’ll be toiling away. It’s usually busy, often loud and always full of a wonderful variety of cards and products by some of our favorite artists in the world.

Want to see how greeting cards are produced? We’re happy to give a tour when we have the time. We actively produce Christmas cards eight months out of the year and cards for birthdays and other occasions, year around. Stop by and say hi!

Someone's working hard in the warehouse

See what's in the shop