Collection: Bloodshot Press


Bloodshot Press was started by screenwriter Alicia Gronke, in 2002. Alicia desperately turned to writing when her kids were on a particularly neurotic spree during Spring Break. They were bored and doing the usual sibling thing:

"She's LOOKING at me!"

"He's pulling my HAIR!"

Alicia could have followed the advice of any number of parenting books and made an attempt to mediate their dispute. Fortunately for us, Alicia instead chose to tune them out and start writing. The sarcastic, occasionally bitter, often emotional results were the first Bloodshot cards. She took these fruits of her labors to a local card shop. The owner took a long look. Her response? "What took you so damn long?!"

In 2010, Allport adopted Bloodshot Press – you could call her the naughty little sister of the Allport Editions family. Ever since then, Bloodshot has been our go-to line for wicked humor.

As Alicia always says: “laughter is contagious—infect someone today!”