Collection: Edie Pijpers



New York City wasn’t Edie Pijpers’ first home and art wasn’t her first calling. She spent her young life traveling the world performing and recording music in Amsterdam, Paris, Sydney, Los Angeles, and Nashville.

A self-taught artist, it was in Nashville that she began painting. Her first canvas was of a woman, created only in blue and white. She gradually started experimenting with a variety of colors, expressing a vibrancy and brightness that came from within. Her style continued to develop, and she then focused on painting her young nieces. This led to placing more children in fantastical dreamscapes, seeing them as a representation of our own inner child.

Edie’s designs reflect the innocence, wonder, and creativity of childhood and are perfect for a variety of card-sending occasions. Her bold portrayals of trees and flora, combined with charming depictions of adults and children in eye-catching settings, lend themselves to celebrations of weddings, birthdays and all means of well wishes.