Collection: Scott Church


Louie Award winning artist Scott Church has spent the last 30 years or so in the social expressions industry. He works both as a Creative Director developing product lines and as an artist licensing his artwork to a plethora of lifestyle and paper companies. Scott also teaches Illustration and Typography classes at Metro State University in Denver.

Drawing inspiration from the Mountains of the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountain west, Scott's art reflects the natural world in an offbeat and humorous way: modern, colorful and sophisticated color palettes collide with traditional, skillful illustrations. When Scott isn’t busy dreaming up his next illustration, he and wife are usually exploring the wilderness with their teardrop camper.

Scott's collection of fun-loving animals, Quirky Critters, has been an Allport Editions top-selling line for over a decade. Rendered primarily in acrylics, his curious birds and frolicking wildlife display an earnest joy that leaps off of the page.