Collection: Beth Kerschen



Beth Kerschen has committed her life to capturing vast urban landscapes into one tangible image. A multi-disciplinary artist who employs photomontage to create cityscapes that reflect on community, culture, and urban life, she uses photography and illustration skills to turn her art into fantastical images filled with meaning, nostalgia, and community. Her work celebrates the unifying connections held by the landmarks, buildings, and vistas of the cities we hold dear.

Beth holds a BFA from Colorado College, not far from where she grew up in Colorado Springs. She lived in Boston, MA for 10 years, working for Polaroid and other creative firms as a graphic designer, before eventually moving to Portland, Oregon in 2008. She was awarded a Professional Development Grant from RACC (Regional Arts & Culture Council) in 2015 and a public art installation commission at the Portland International Airport in 2016. Her work has been held in a number of corporate and city collections, including two terms in the Portland Mayor’s office.

In 2019, Beth began licensing her work to Allport Editions. Her Urban Collage series started with depictions of Seattle and Portland, and immediately found a following among residents and visitors looking to celebrate these vibrant cities. She’s since branched out creating incredible scenes of Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, and more! If she hasn’t captured your city yet, stay tuned – it’s coming!

When not crafting her next photomontage, Beth can be found, camera in hand, walking the city streets, acutely aware of her surroundings, and appreciating just how intricate and unique our urban communities are. She enjoys discovering a city’s hidden secrets, as well as embracing its well-known aspects that lend each town its unique appeal. She also appreciates the music of the 80’s (particularly Depeche Mode), a long soak at her favorite pool, and sharing a delicious meal with good friends.