Collection: Jennifer Mercede



Jennifer Mercede describes herself as creative in every way.  She loves to be imaginative and inventive at any activity - including music, art, baking, writing, and crocheting! Interesting color combinations and children's art are her biggest inspirations. In her art she favors bright colors and her creations tend to be spontaneous, joyful, and imperfect. Her collection of state DOODLE designs for Allport consist of free-flowing text, bold hues, and wildly energetic doodling!

Jen’s vivid creations sell particularly well in cities and towns with an eclectic, artistic vibe. Her vibrant shades and winsome musings resonate with customers who are all-embracing, quirky, and lively, much like Jen herself! 

Born in Long Beach, CA and raised in Connecticut, Jen moved to Portland in 2004.  Early in her career she began with abstract, expressive work, which slowly morphed into more animals and florals, while still retaining a funky, abstract flare. She creates tiny paintings and cards, as well as large murals, including her most recent work for Hopscotch, a new, experiential art gallery located in Portland. She also licenses her artwork to companies such as Keen shoes and has taught in exotic, fun places like Hong Kong.

In addition to art, Jen loves to swim, especially outdoors in rivers, like the Columbia and Willamette. She cherishes her family - her niece and nephews are some of her favorite little people. Her favorite non-human being is her cat, Feathers. She also loves candy and feels more like a kid than an adult - most of the time!