Collection: David Price


David started his own greeting card company, Laughing Dog, in 1989.This line was merged into the Allport Editions family several years later and David has been designing cards for us ever since! 

David is the wry genius behind our wildly popular 12 Days of Christmas series—our laugh-out-loud singalong designs for all the U.S. States, and many cities, hobbies and interests. Working in pen and ink, David embraces comical characters, poignant puns and wonderful one-liners to craft some of our funniest cards. 

When not crafting witty and artful cards, David also creates interpretive panels for the California State Parks Foundation—signs that inform visitors about the wildlife and history of the parks. His most recent project involves working with MendoParks for the Pomo tribe, to illustrate panels which amplify the indigenous presence at the parks. 

He lives in Salinas, CA and when he can find the time, he plays the piano.