Collection: Tadashi Ura



Tadashi Ura is an illustrator and an artist of Suibokuga, or ink-wash painting, which uses Japanese sumi inks on washi paper, often with applied gold leaf. His inspiration comes from the beauty of modern, everyday life, while his style is rooted in the traditional techniques and aesthetics of Japanese tradition.

Born in Nagasaki in 1972, Tadashi currently lives in Yokohama, where he has created many hand-rendered and digital works over the past 25 years - spanning advertising, editorial, entertainment and more. He often has solo shows and live-painting exhibitions in Japan and throughout the world. 

In 2017, Tadashi founded the Sumi-e Society, through which he leads classes for all generations at his studio and other institutes. Sumi-e painting depicts elaborate images, often drawn in single stroke, and always requiring a high concentration! Tadashi believes that anyone is “able to enjoy creating their own artwork and, most of all, to experience an irreplaceable moment in the here and now.”

In his free time, Tadashi likes spending time with his family - including his daughters and fluffy, energetic dog, Daisy. He enjoys animal watching, and is fond of flowers, starry skies, forests at midnight, red clouds at sunset, and mountain top sunrises. He also regularly practices meditation, and often draws inspiration from his own introspection.

Allport is proud to be the worldwide card publisher of Tadashi’s artwork. We have painstakingly recreated Tadashi’s ink and gold leaf originals with gold foil embossing on a lux cream card stock – the result is a beautiful gift to send to anyone, anywhere.