Collection: The Westmachs


Artist and author team Elizabeth Westley and Steven Mach collaborate under the nom d’artiste, “The Westmachs.” From their home in the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois, they partner on compelling original artwork that celebrates Art and Literary themes. The couple works in a wide variety of media, including pastels, graphite, watercolors and acrylics to craft visual puns guaranteed to generate grins from any liberal arts major with a sense of humor. Their witty “Under the Impressionism It’s Your Birthday” is a long running top seller!

The Westmachs hilariously popular designs are a huge hit with Museums, Library Shops, Bookstores, and Art Galleries. Allport is proud to partner with the non-profit Museum Store Association to enhance the cultural commerce experience AND create fantastic (and funny) cards and gifts. Chances are, while you’re out shopping or visiting your city’s artistic institutions of interest, you’ll find a Westmach card somewhere along your route! 

Steven began his career as a designer for Hallmark and worked for several studios and agencies prior to starting his own firm. He is also an accomplished musician, photographer, SAG voiceover artist, and FAA licensed Private Pilot.

Working closely with writer Elizabeth Westley, the team has also created another venture, Westmach Cartoons. Witty, visually pleasing slices of life, the pair has been published by The Wall Street Journal, Barrons, The Harvard Business Review and Reader’s Digest.