Collection: Sara Franklin



Sara Franklin is an artist and designer tucked away in the mountains of sunny Southern California. She loves creating maps and painting abstract art. She creates immersive visual journeys through simplified shapes and playful color palettes. 

Inspired by her inner child, Sara seeks to capture the spirit of adventure in her work. Her maps define the essence of each state through creative cartography remixed through the joy of watercolor. “When Better Homes & Gardens hired me as their travel column illustrator, I began my 50 states project intending to empower joy through art and design.” Allport is proud to publish these designs as cards and boxed notes, as well as tea towels.

A graduate of the California Institute of the Arts, and a big music lover, Sara has designed album covers for some pretty well-known musicians. She’s been a vegetarian since age 5, loves cats, museums, piano, and iced coffee. She also collects books, art supplies, and succulents. When she’s not painting you can find her taking pictures or driving along the coastline to find the best beaches!