Collection: Julia Gash


Julia Gash is a cartographer/illustrator, serial creative entrepreneur and founder of an eponymous, British lifestyle brand. Based in the seaside town of Eastbourne, she works from home, surrounded by her cats: Bibi and Bobby, and hens: Nancy (The Princess), Jennifer (The Nosey One), and Miranda (The Shy Rogue). 

Julia creates hand drawn illustrations, using brush and ink, to collaborate with a portfolio of licensees worldwide. She’s succeeded in making best-selling, sustainable, stylish gifts and souvenirs around the globe, partnering with Disney, The National Gallery of Art (both in UK and USA), The Arc d’ Triomphe, and of course Allport Editions!

Over the past 12 years, she’s created an exceptional collection of illustrations featuring cities, towns, and regions from around the world. Her illustrations offer a playful and honest interpretation of the world in which we live, capturing a sense of awe and childlike wonder, bringing a place closer to your heart and into your home.

In addition to her enormous successes worldwide, Julia continues to travel for pleasure and inspiration. In January, she journeyed to Essouria, Morocco for a yoga retreat and this Spring she and two other mates will hike the Peloponnese Mountains in Greece!  Julia also serves as a Girl Guide Leader in her native England.