Collection: Father Arthur Poulin



Father Arthur Poulin holds the unique distinction of being the only monk in our Allport Editions family of artists. Residing at Incarnation Monastery in Berkeley, California, Father Poulin strives to reflect the “stunning, sacred beauty that is mirrored everywhere in Creation.”

Each year the monastery sends him to a destination outside of California for additional inspiration. While his travels have taken him to Japan, Singapore and Italy in recent years, he continues to be influenced by the majesty of Big Sur and the dazzling views of the Bay Area right outside his window.

Born in San Francisco, Poulin grew up in Florida in a home where "painting, music, writing, dance, poetry, and cooking were celebrated." He found color "healing, though as a child, lacked the words to describe it that way." Poulin spent summers with his grandparents in the Bay Area, not far from where he lives today

Educated in Catholic schools, and "- always attracted to both religion and art", Poulin wondered how he could bridge the two vocations. "In time, I realized they are one and the same. I discovered that creativity and painting were a way of life. "

His painstaking acrylic landscapes echo the Impressionists but project his unmistakably unique style. They can take months to create, starting with the application of up to 25 layers of black gesso (primer) before adding color and texture with thousands of the smallest and most precise brush strokes. Ultimately, he uses tiny dots - "representing the one that the many are wanting to be. The dot signifies the tiny seed that has the potential to grow and blossom into a great tree."

In addition to Father Poulin's line of pointillist fine art cards and puzzles, his works are widely published as covers for books, magazines, journals, calendars and albums. His most recent projects were for an art installation and wine label for Silver Oak Winery in Sonoma, CA.