Collection: Ursula Barton


Ursula's paintings are often mistaken for watercolors, but she actually layers water-based ink with acrylics to create depth, detail and a dreamlike quality. It’s a process Barton stumbled upon by happy accident in 2011, in a burst of creative panic that followed spilling the most expensive bottle of black ink she’d ever bought all over her art supplies. She’s been working in this fashion ever since, and the results are enchanting.

Barton also works on larger scales - her latest mural of the St. Johns Bridge is on display in the St. Johns neighborhood, and her public work can also be found in many local cafes and private homes around Portland. Ursula likes to pay tribute to Portland's nickname of "Bridgetown" with her depictions of the Fremont, Hawthorne, St John’s and Burnside Bridges.