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By Pomegranate
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Attraction Puzzle - 500pc *DAMAGED

Attraction Puzzle - 500pc *DAMAGED

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A lone butterfly is attracted to the hot colors of summer blooms in Pat Scott's bright floral painting. Her artworks often feature flora and fauna imagined with a gentle touch. Scott attended Ealing Art College in London and earned a degree in Fine Art at University of Reading. She also worked in the film industry and exhibited her art throughout England. This 500 piece puzzle is based on a 2011 work by the same title.

*Sale puzzle, box is faded but puzzle inside is fine!

Difficulty Level: "Medium->Hard. This is a fun one! The colors are really vibrant. Once I got the edge done I realized it helped to make each type of flower and group them because it's the in between parts that are the most difficult." - Karen from Portland (We hear you Karen! Isn't it ALWAYS the in between parts that are hard??)

Size: Box: 8 x 10 x 2 inches | Puzzle: 24 x 18 inches

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